The Technology Development Department is an annex of the Social Welfare Agency, and is primarily concerned with the production, testing, and repair of the cyborg Gunslinger Girls. It features a small and closely-knit staff of perhaps ten to twenty [1], spread out between at least three departments [correct names will be added soon]:

  • Appearances (dealing in facial and bodily reconstruction, for cosmetic purposes)
  • Internals (artifical organs and muscle)
  • Structural (carbon fibre bone and skeletal components)

Engineer Duvalier is head of Appearances, and Ziliani head of Structural.

The Department also is host to the SWA's private hospital (sometimes informally referred to as being a "repair center" rather than a medical facility [2]), as seen several times during the Angelica saga, and a testing facilty, where Claes works daily, demonstrating the various strengths and weaknesses of the first-generation cyborg body.