Rachelle Belleut
Belleut (manga)
Rachelle, after performing an abused girl's autopsy. From Book Four.
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status

Rachelle Belleut was a Parisian medic on loan to Europol, whose primary duties were to perform autopsies and medical examinations on the bodies of recovered child abuse victims.

On persuasion from co-worker Pauline, she met with then-investigator Victor Hartmann, who was also on loan to Europol from Germany's federal police force. Belleut had somehow established connections with Neapolitan Mafia informant Mario Bossi, who provided information on a snuff-film his employer was planning to record in Amsterdam.

With Hartmann, she helped storm the warehouse where the murder was to take place, helping to save Triela's life, but ultimately losing her own following a gunshot wound.