Monica Maria-Petris
Monica Maria-Petris
Monica Maria-Petris as seen in the opening credits of Season Two.
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status
Status Alive

Monica Maria-Petris is the leader of the Italian Public Security Bureau, an umbrella branch of the State Department that houses both Special Ops Section One (counterterrorist branches), and Section Two (intelligence, espionage and assassination branches, the latter concealed within the Social Welfare Agency).

Seemingly In her mid sixties, Maria-Petris is still witty, sharp, and very much in control of her federal duties, and manages to balance the infighting between Section One's Chief Draghi and his Section Two counterpart Director Lorenzo.

While not giving the SWA carte blanche, to do as it pleases, she is more willing to allow it's existance than Draghi would prefer, all while stressing the importance of operational prudence and careful spending of state funds.

She holds a quiet respect for Lorenzo and values his opinions, and also believes in professional restraint, even when dealing with the wildly unpopular Padanians, as demonstrated by her expressed orders to keep Padanian bankroller Cristiano Savoranola alive during an SWA raid on his mansion near Milan.