Distance between Two People ~ Brother and Sister (二人の距離 兄妹)
Futari no Kyori Kyōdai (二人の距離 兄妹), Distance between Two People ~ Brother and Sister
Season Two, Episode One
(J) Air date 7 January 2008
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While preparing to return to Italy, Jose and Hilshire go to an antique store in France to pick gifts for their partners, Henrietta and Triela. On the train home, Jose has a flashback to when he was assigned to the Balkans and had to leave his younger sister, Enrica, with his older brother, Jean. Back in Italy, Jose and Henrietta join Jean and his partner Rico, as well as Hilshire and Triela, as they chase a group of bombers after they conduct an attack. With aid from all parties, the bombers are captured. Later at the headquarters, Henrietta goes to Jose's room, and finds inside a kaleidoscope addressed to a "Louise Antoinette Rolle," whom Henrietta suspects is Jose's lover. Heartbroken, Henrietta returns to her room, and voices this suspicion to her roommates, Triela and Claes. Claes recalls that the woman in question is the mistress of a nineteenth century author who commonly used the character "Henrietta" in his novels. Pleased, Henrietta joins Jose stargazing, while Claes remarks that the kaleidoscope is likely fake. [1]

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