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Elsa de Sica
Elsa de-Sica (manga).jpg
Kanji エルザ・デ・シーカ
Romanji Eruza de Shīka
Race Cyborg
Gender Female
Professional Status
Handler Lauro de-Sica
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Japanese Mamiko Noto
English Brina Palencia

Elsa de Sica (エルザ・デ・シーカ, Eruza de Shīka) was a child cyborg assassin of the Social Welfare Agency. Her handler was Lauro de Sica.


Nothing is known about Elsa's life before entering the Agency or how she came to be there. In the anime, she was said to be their newest addition.

Elsa was entirely emotionally dependent on Lauro, even though he showed complete and emphatic disinterest towards her. Devastated and defeated in knowing that he would never love her, she eventually took Lauro to the park where he named her, murdered him, and took her own life immediately thereafter.

The murder-suicide caused panic within Section 2 as the scientists realized that, regardless of conditioning, cyborgs could still turn against their handlers if pushed too far, whether it be from abuse or, in Elsa's case, emotional neglect. Section 2 made sure to destroy all evidence indicating how Elsa and Lauro truly died to ensure that the program wasn't shut down.

The incident caused many handlers in Section 2 to worry, and resulted in some changing how they treated their cyborgs, such as Jean becoming less overtly harsh toward Rico.

In the manga, Elsa never appeared alive (exception being a very brief flashback) and was only introduced after her death. The anime, however, devoted an entire episode to her relationship with her handler as a prelude to her killing him and then herself.


Elsa had fair skin and long, blonde hair which she kept in two braids. She had dark hazel eyes, which were changed to light green in the anime. She often wore a green beret when out on jobs.


Elsa de Sica, seen alive during the anime episode lycoris radiata herb.

Elsa was very cold, curt, and remained distant from the other girls at the Agency. Exclusively showing interest in Lauro, to where Triela claimed that she was in love with him, she felt immense frustration and sadness in his lack of care for her. In both the manga and the anime, Henrietta, by reflecting on her own feelings for Jose, correctly deduces that Elsa, knowing that Lauro would never return her feelings of affection, thought that such a life was worse than death and decided to end it, but not before taking revenge on him.

Elsa's preferred weapons were the SIG 550, 551 and P229. She is also shown to use a PGM Mini Hecate as a secondary sniping weapon.

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