Chief Draghi is the director of operations for Section One, the more public half of Italy's Public Safety Bureau, opposite of Section Two. Although depicted infrequently, Draghi appears prominantly in the finale of both the manga's Book One, and the anime's corresponding episode, and ranks equal to Director Lorenzo. Both report separately to Monica Maria-Petris.

He's referred to other times in the series, again in Book Four and the corresponding anime episode of Season Two, when Section One operatives Rachel, Mattias, and one other, capture Padania freelance terrorist Flanca, just prior to their ultimate murder by Pinocchio and Franco. Rachel maintains a direct e-mail link to Draghi via a Nokia smartphone, suggesting that his department is somewhat less bureaucratic than the hierarchial Section Two.

Draghi holds an intense distaste for Section Two, in particular the cyborg operations of the Social Welfare Agency containted secretly within. His abhorrance for the SWA seems to stem from the persistent (and ultimately incorrect) suspicion that sexual abuse occurs in the ranks of the Fratelli, echoed by Pietro Fermi's choice words in Book One of his belief that the handler-cyborg teams "play house," and that the death of Lauro and Elsa De-Sica is somehow a related retribution of this. By sending out Fermi and his assistant Elenora Gabrielli to perform an independant investigation of the matter, he hopes to somehow find proof that will allow him to persuade Monica-Petris to shut down the SWA entirely. He also appears to hold Lorenzo in low regard.