The complete list of characters found in the Gunslinger Girl Universe:


Gunslinger Girl Handler:
Angelica Marco Toni
Triela Victor Hilshire
Beatrice Bernardo
Elsa de-Sica Lauro de-Sica
Claes Raballo
Rico Jean Croce
Henrietta Jose Croce
Petrushka (aka "Petra") Alessandro Ricci
Silvia Unnamed
Chiara Unnamed
Pia Earnest
Soni Fio
Fleccia Lupa
Gattonero Yarrow
Unnamed Kraman

Section Two (Social Welfare Agency) SupportEdit

Name: Title:
Monica Maria-Petris Department head of Public Security (Lorenzo's superior)
Director Lorenzo Director of the Social Welfare Agency
Ferro Support agent for the Fratello units
Giordio SWA agent
Amadeo SWA agent
Olga SWA agent
Priscilla SWA agent
Dr. Belgonzi Technology Development Department specialist (cyborg organs)
Dr. Ziliani Technology Development Department specialist (cyborg bodies)
Louis Duvalier Technology Development Department (plastic surgery/cyborg appearances)
Dr. Belisario Technology Development Department (Conditioning)
Dr. Bianchi General practice and mental health doctor for the Gunslinger Girls

Section One SupportEdit

Name: Title:
Chief Draghi Leader of Section One. A fierce opponent of the SWA.
Pietro Fermi Section One agent.
Elenora Gabrielli Assistant to Fermi

Padania/Five Republics FactionEdit

Name Role:
Christiano Savoranola Advisor and bankroller of the Milanese Five Republic Faction cell.
Pinocchio Assassin and adopted son of Christiano.
Franco A gifted explosives expert. Freelance terrorist. On loan to Christiano.
Caterina ("Flanca") A political activist and Franco's apprentice. Freelance terrorist.
Bruno the Cleaner Body disposal specialist.
Leonardo Conti Italian journalist and Padania sleeper cell agent.
Nino Padania coordinator and sleeper cell agent. The "Retiring Tibetan Terrier."

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