Book Thirteen
Book Thirteen
Cover of the thirteenth volume of the Japanese release of the Gunslinger Girl manga series
Professional Status
Personal Status

Hilshire and Roberta Guellfi are now in a relationship. The Venice mission brings the various factions of the Five Republics movement together under Dante's banner. Using the other cruise missile warheads, they attack multiple Italian cities and then take over a nuclear power plant outside of Turin and demand that the government dismantle the Social Welfare Agency. The Prime Minister launches an attack to recover the plant with the handlers and cyborgs of Section 2 leading the charge. Note: Occaso is Italian for "sunset".


  • Chapter 74: "Soldato"
  • Chapter 75: "Testament" (遺言, "Yuigon"?)
  • Chapter 76: "Nuclear Plant Occupation" (原発占拠, "Genpatsu Senkyo"?)
  • Chapter 77: "The Nature"
  • Chapter 78: "Occaso, Part 1" (オッカーゾ "Okkazo"?)
  • Chapter 79: "Occaso, Part 2" (オッカーゾ "Okkazo"?)
  • Chapter 80: "Occaso, Part 3" (オッカーゾ "Okkazo"?)
  • Chapter 81: "Occaso, Part 4" (オッカーゾ "Okkazo"?)
  • Chapter 82: "Orion" (オリオン "Orion"?)