Book Fourteen
Cover of the fourteenth volume of the Japanese release of the Gunslinger Girl manga series
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Personal Status

Spec-Op Sections 1 and 2 assault the New Turin Nuclear Plant against the Dante's Padanian terrorist leading to heavy casualties on both sides: Triela and Hilshire are killed in combat, Henrietta accidentally shoots Jose who the shoots her to fulfill their suicide pact, Jean is shot by Rico on his orders after being taken hostage by Dante who then himself is killed. Despite the heavily casualties the mission is a success and the Padania finally defeated. [1]


  • Chapter 83:"Salvation" (救い "Sukui")
  • Chapter 84:"A Chance Meeting with the Past" (過去との邂逅 "Kako to no Kaikou")
  • Chapter 85:"Erinyes, Part 1" (エリニュエス "Erinyuesu")
  • Chapter 86:"Erinyes, Part 2" (エリニュエス "Erinyuesu")
  • Chapter 87:"Erinyes, Part 3" (エリニュエス "Erinyuesu")
  • Chapter 88:"Horatius, Part 1" (ホラティウス "Horatiusu")
  • Chapter 89:"Horatius, Part 2" (ホラティウス "Horatiusu")
  • Chapter 90:"Erinyes, Part 4" (エリニュエス "Erinyuesu")

References Edit

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