Book Five
Book Five
Cover of the fifth volume of the English release of the Gunslinger Girl manga series
Professional Status
Personal Status

Marco's ex-girlfriend Patricia launches an investigation into the truth behind the Social Welfare Agency with a colleague. Franca is captured by Public Safety, but is rescued by Franco and Pinocchio. Jose and Henrietta arrive at the location where they were holding Franca to find their comrades dead. Franco, Franca, and Pinocchio escape to Franca's farm in Frascati and Pinocchio returns to the home of Cristiano Savonarola just before the SWA launches an operation to arrest him. Triela gets her revenge on Pinocchio while Franco, Franca, and Cristiano make a break for it.


  • Chapter 23: "Evanescence" (泡沫, "Utakata"?)
  • Chapter 24: "Caterina" (カテリーナ, "Katerīna"?)
  • Chapter 25: "Pinocchio" (ピノッキオ, "Pinokkio"?) (Part 4)
  • Chapter 26: "Pinocchio" (ピノッキオ, "Pinokkio"?) (Part 5)
  • Chapter 27: "Pinocchio" (ピノッキオ, "Pinokkio"?) (Part 6)